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ExaVir™ Load

ExaVir™ Load

Reliable and affordable viral load monitoring covering all HIV types & subtypes.
ExaVir™ Drug

ExaVir™ Drug

Pipeline Product
Fast and accurate information on the drug sensitivity of an active virus.
RT Activity Kits


Pipeline Product
Ziva is a medium throughput, fully-automated viral load monitoring system purpose-built to meet the requirements of decentralized labs like those in district hospitals.

RT Activity Kits

Detect and quantify Reverse Transcriptase (RT) activity for any type of retrovirus.

Cavidi offers five different kits for analysis of Reverse Transcriptase (RT) activity. The five RT Activity kits are based on a highly sensitive, non-radioactive ELISA-tachnique using 96-well microtitre plate format. The kits can be used for either detection or quantification of RT activity. Another application is screening for potential RT Inhibitors. The five assays are optimised for RTs from different retroviruses and together cover all known types and subtypes. In addition, there is the capability to custom develop kits tailored to specific needs.

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Lenti RT Activity Kit

Analyze the activity of the enzyme reverse transcriptase (RT) from lentivirus with this kit: HIV-1, HIV-2, SIV, FIV and Visnavirus

C-Type RT Activity Kit

For analysis of C-type retrovirus RT activity: MuLV, PERV, FeLV, MLV and Spumavirus (Mn2+-)

HS-Lenti RT Activity Kit

Analyze the activity of the enzyme reverse transcriptase (RT) from lentivirus with greater accuracy

HS-Mn RT Activity Kit

For analysis of Mn2+- dependent retrovirus RT activity, such as MuLV, PERV, FeLV, MLV and Spumavirus

HS-Mg RT Activity Kit

For analysis of Mg2+- dependent retrovirus RT activity, such as MMTV and HERV-K1


The HIV Retrovirus – how it works and why it’s so challenging

The flow of genetic information in all living organisms goes from DNA to RNA to proteins. But a retrovirus is different. It contains RNA that transforms into DNA, which is why things become problematic. The way a retrovirus functions is unique – it is the only living organism that runs its replication process backwards. It’s understandable why this rare process invites errors. When converting RNA into DNA, small flaws often occur, leading to frequent genetic variations. That’s why maintaining consistently effective medications is so difficult and why drug resistance develops so quickly. Timely viral load monitoring is vital in keeping drug resistance down, so that treatment failure can be discovered quickly and the new variant of HIV repressed with a different medication before it has the chance to multiply.

Retroviruses are especially dangerous as they permanently disfigure the host cell’s DNA. HIV is also distinctive in that it targets T cells – the cells that run your immune system. This cripples a body’s defenses and leaves it unable to recover from infection.

Reverse transcriptase (RT) is a virus enzyme that is used to transcribe the viral RNA into a DNA copy. All viable retroviruses must have a functional RT. Mutations might change their structure, but the function must be intact. A retrovirus with an inactive RT is a dead virus. Cavidi’s HIV diagnostics focuses on quantifying RT activity to provide a highly accurate picture of what HIV is doing inside a patient’s body.


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