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HIV viral load monitoring now more accessible than ever

While a routine part of HIV management in Western nations, viral load monitoring is rarely practiced in other parts of the world where the test has been considered impractical due to cost and equipment requirements.
All that changed with the introduction of ExaVir Load.

ExaVir Load Version 3 is an ELISA-based method of determining viral load that makes it possible to perform viral load testing in simple laboratory environments. There is no need for specialized sample preparation and amplification rooms, or for a costly initial investment. Only standard ELISA equipment, together with the ExaVir Load start-up equipment, is required for analysis. Since ExaVir Load determines viral load based on quantification of Reverse Transcriptase activity, it can measure any HIV type or subtype with high accuracy, including O- and N-groups. The separation equipment used in Version 3 makes the procedure less timeconsuming, more efficient and easier to handle than ever.

The ExaVir Load kit is a registered CE-marked IVD product (in vitro diagnostic use).

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