Assay Development and Optimization

In addition to our standard RT Activity Kits, Cavidi also offers full service within assay development. Our services range from optimizing your existing assay to developing an assay for your target enzyme. Contact us to learn how we can help with your assay or drug target enzyme.

Assays for high-throughput screening
Cavidi can offer a full developmental package to pharmaceutical companies wishing to screen for lead compounds against viral, bacterial and fungal enzymes (e.g. DNA polymerase enzymes and Reverse Transcriptase). Additionally, assay systems for DNA modifying enzymes (such as methylases) are also available.

Our comprehensive screening package offers assay development and help in setting up the system. It also provides the materials for the study and offers full scientific and technical back-up during the screening process. Contact us for a confidential dialog on your screening needs.

Assay Development and Optimization
Cavidi can offer contract development of assay systems for screening of your chemical libraries. Essentially, if you have the target enzyme we can develop the assay for your drug screen.

Additionally, we can optimize your current assay systems. Our staff of enzymologists can help in the modification of your HTS technology to improve speed, performance and cost. If you have the enzyme but not the assay, or have an HTS system that does not meet your needs, please contact us for further discussion on what we can do for you.