HS-Lenti RT Activity Kit

Ultrasensitive RT assay optimized for HIV, SIV and FIV retroviruses

With this high sensitivity version of the Lenti RT Activity Kit, you can analyze the activity of the enzyme reverse transcriptase (RT) from lentivirus with greater accuracy. The measuring range of the assay is 0.2 to 400 pg RT/ml.

The kit can be used for quantification or screening for any lentivirus (HIV, SIV, FIV and Visnavirus) RT activity in cell culture supernatants.

The HS-Lenti RT Activity Kit is not intended for use as a screening test for HIV-1 infection in humans nor is it to be used as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV-1 infection in humans.

Key Features: based on a highly sensitive, non-radioactive ELISA-technique using 96-well microtitre plate format (2 plates included in the kit)

Sensitivity: 0.2 to 400 pg RT/ml

Read more in the HS-Lenti RT Kit instructions for use.




Small ruminant macrophage polarization may play a pivotal role on lentiviral infection.

Authors: Crespo H, Bertolotti L, Juganaru M, Glaria I, de Andrés D, Amorena B, Rosati S, Reina R.

Journal: Vet Res. 2013 Sep 26;44(1):83. doi: 10.1186/1297-9716-44-83.

Product usage: For viral infections and RT activity determination, six-day stimulated MDM were infected at 0.1 TCID50/cell with one of the six SRLV strains under study, being one of genotype A (Ev1), three of genotype B (CAEV-Co, CAEV-To and 496) and two of the recently described genotype E of SRLV (Roccaverano and Seui). Following 2-h incubation, the cells were washed three times with PBS and fresh medium containing the stimulating cytokines was added. Supernatants were collected at 7 days post inoculation for Retrotranscriptase activity (RT activity) quantification, performed with the HS-Lenti RT activity kit (Cavidi, Uppsala, Sweden) according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


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