Exavir™ Drug

Fast and accurate drug resistance testing

As more ARVs become more widely used throughout the world, managing the threat of drug resistance will become an increasingly important issue. ExaVir Drug is on the front line of this effort by providing doctors with a tool they can use to quickly check for resistance and optimize therapy.

ExaVir Drug allows phenotypic drug resistance testing of the virus circulating in a patient’s plasma. The information is available in as little as three days, and with only a few hours hands-on laboratory work. The level of susceptibility to a drug is given as an IC50 value and as fold-difference between the patient’s virus and a wild type reference. Studies have established its usefulness in detecting susceptibility to Nevirapine and Efavirenz. AZT and d4T are also available for evaluation. The analysis gives a direct answer to the question of which treatment is effective in each individual case

This is a pipeline product – please contact Cavidi if you are interested in knowing more.